Leisure Plan

Leisure Plan imports/distributes and markets the most distinctive collection of outdoor furniture in the UK.

The exclusive Leisure Plan furniture portfolio combines three world renowned brands, enjoying reputations for design individuality, reliability and products of the highest quality.

Modern, robust weatherproof materials, married to traditional and contemporary designs results in the most comprehensive and dynamic collection of outdoor furniture available from a single source.

For over 30 years the variety of the collections, a bespoke cushion make-up service along with a nationwide service combined with Leisure Plan’s large stockholding has resulted in the company being at the forefront of an increasing demand for innovation, individuality and stringent quality standards necessary for the outdoor living market.

Chris McCormack, Proprietor / Tracey Birkin, General Manager

Tel: 01279 816 001

Email: sales@leisureplan.co.uk

Website: www.leisureplan.co.uk

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