Travel Insurance – don’t travel without it!

As a nation we love travelling and taking our holidays abroad. But the Foreign and Commonwealth Office are concerned that as many as 4 million of us are heading overseas each year without adequate travel insurance. Another survey revealed that nearly one in five of us thinks that an EHIC (the European Health Insurance card – the old E111) makes travel insurance redundant. Not true! Your travel insurance policy should cover you for: medical and health cover for an injury or sudden illness abroad; 24 hour English speaking emergency assistance; personal liability cover; cancellation and curtailment and for lost or stolen possessions.

Even when you do buy insurance, don’t forget that many activities such as skiing and water sports are commonly excluded from standard policies too. What’s more, we all travel everywhere with smartphones and tablets these days and seem unable to live without them! But they are often not covered unless you pay an additional premium. Furthermore, even good quality insurance doesn’t absolve you from taking care of yourself and your belongings. Insurers won’t take kindly to a claim when you’ve left your new camera on a sun lounger while you take a dip in the pool. Of course booking your trip or holiday with a reputable travel company is always an excellent place to start. Remember to buy your travel insurance when you book your holiday or trip to ensure you’re covered in case you need to cancel before you travel.

A huge range of holidays, travel insurance and all things travel are available at your local independent travel agency. Contact Absolute Travel in Stansted on 01279 648 900 or visit to book your travel insurance with us online.

Ashley Gowing, Managing Director, Absolute Travel & Tours

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