The 3rd of May  was a significant day for the Stansted Business Forum. We celebrated our 50th breakfast meeting with a special bespoke cake and a lively session at Linden House.  Peter James, who is the secretary, spoke about the importance of the relationships that members of the Forum have with each other. Adam Taylor from Handlesbank and James Hogg from the Stansted Tennis Club also talked about the important links with the Business Forum. Geoffrey Sell our local district councillor who was involved in setting up the Stansted Business Forum, spoke about the importance of having a local business forum which was run by local businesses.  He also said that it was essential for local businesses to have a voice in any local council decisions.  The Stansted Business Forum is therefore the way to make your business have a say in what is happening in Stansted. 

We make recommendations to use other members where possible and make sure that we give members every opportunity to tell everyone in Stansted and the surrounding villages what they do.  We encourage members to advertise in our maps initiative.  These maps are distributed in eight locations around Stansted showing the position of local businesses.

Our directory which shows all the services that our members can offer, is distributed to well over 3.500 households in and around Stansted.   So, if you are a local business and have not been to one of our meetings come along and see for yourself.  We only promote local businesses and you can be part of this.

Our next meeting will be on Friday 7th June at Linden House.  Contact Peter James on 01279 813318 or email to book your place – don’t miss out!